[WWI] Aeroclub strutz material question

Pedro Soares wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 11 14:44:01 2003

I'm also a Contrail strut user and I do like it. Perfect for 1/72. Even if
they look flimsy, once in place they do the job perfectly and the wing
assembly becomes quite rigid, this being more so, of course, if you, like I
do,  use nylon rigging.

Also don't forget that Aeroclub will provide custom packets of any one
single thickness.


nb. Seven Swabbies DVII (filling and sanding on lower fuselage/wing is done.
Now to proceed for the exposed engine.
np. Glenn Gould, JSB Goldberg Variations
nr. HMS Surprise, Patrick O'Brien

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> I sometimes use the smallest Strutz materiel for bending into u/c vees, or
> if supporting a heavy resin wing, but find the ex-contrail stuff more
> useful - mainly since I prefer to work with plastic when I can. As Peter
> says, stretching this stuff is also very useful. There's a mix of sizes in
> both products. Strutz  is smaller in width, but thicker - too thick for
> most 1/72nd applications IMHO. You can get a pack of the Contrail stuff
> smaller scales, with rod and tube included.
> Paul.