[WWI] EE Aviatik D.1

ernest thomas wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 11 13:38:00 2003

>From: "Michael Kendix" <mkendix@hotmail.com>

>Yes, it's excellent but I was wondering whether there's a plain wood 
>fuselage with CDL wings.  Does any scheme exist like that for the Aviatik 
>D.I Berg?  Grzegorz?

According to the datafile,the "Plain"(CDL and varnished ply with blue/grey 
metal bits) finish only appeared on a few early D-I's, which were then 
probably cammo'd in the field with splotchy green mottling on the top 
surfaces. The factory schemes are listed as Autumn Leaf, Streaky(as in 
Fokker style) and Lozenged. The DF then goes on to explain all the different 
lozenge patterns used.
And while I've got the DF out, I must say, this is one of the better ones 
with respect to the "In Detail" section and GA drawings. I difinite must if 
you're planning on doing any mods.

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