[WWI] AMT 2004 Show is comming on!!!!

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Thu Dec 11 11:14:00 2003

Hello everybody!!! I would invited all to the annual show of 
the "Associació Modelista de Torrent"AMT (Torrent - Valencia Date 
16 - 18 April). He is at the moment the best one show of Europe, no 
in amount of pieces, but if in quality.(I have been in Paris, Telford, 
Rome, etc... and is truth!!). In addition to this, you can enjoy 
sun, "Paellas", good wine and the hospitality of the Valencian people.

For any contact: gustavogamt@hotmail.com
In this Web you can see pictures of the last year event:


Thanks all, and I see you in Torrent!!!!
Manel A. gallart i Lloret chatogallart@ono.com