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Thu Dec 11 00:47:00 2003

Forwarded without comment, except that this came to me as unsolicited 

>From: "Bukin" <bukin@mir.dn.ua>
>Reply-To: "Bukin" <bukin@mir.dn.ua>
>To: <bristolf2b@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Mk V
>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 07:12:09 +0300
>Dear sirs!
>The enterprise " INTERUS Ltd. " brings to your attention model of the known 
>British tank of the period of First World war Mk V "composite".
>The characteristic ready to assemble plastik model kit: the model is 
>executed from polystyrene of green color by a method of injection moulding 
>in scale 1:35. Quantity of details - about 400, located on three  
>frameworks. Dekals for seven variants: 1-Britain, 1918; 2 - White Army, 
>1919, 1920 (Civil war in Russia); Workers' and Peasanrs' Red Army, 
>1920-1929. The instruction on assembly - in four languages (English, 
>German, Russian, Ukrainian), submitted on 14 pages of  format 4. Colourful 
>individual packing consists of the top and bottom parts, the sizes of 
>packing - 360*260*55 mm. Cost of model - 8,8 US dollars (without transport 
>By results of the testing spent by known Russian magazine  "-" ("M - 
>Hobby ") at the end of 2001, the model of tank Mk V "composite" is 
>recognized exemplary in a category " the Degree of reliability and 
>conformity to the prototype ".
>Up to the end of year we plan to prepare for manufacture of model Mk. V 
>"male" and Mk. V "female" and then to start the following models: Mk. V* 
>"male", Mk. V* "female", Mk. V ** "male", Mk. V ** "female", Mk. V " male 
>tadpole ", Mk. V " female tadpole ", accessories to model of tank Mk. V, 
>the British tankmens of 1-st world war, Mk. A "Whippet", Mk. B and to some 
>other samples of combat material.
>You can receive more detailed information on e-mail.
>We wish successes,



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