[WWI] About website costs.

wwi@wwi-models.org wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 10 20:25:01 2003

Neil if you throw something out can I suggest you throw the 400/4 my way. It would go real nice with my Yamaha 500 V4 two stroke. 

Sheesh I looked at the models and realised I have to actually get building some... Nice models ;)

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From: NEIL CRAWFORD <neil.crawford@swipnet.se>
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 12:36 pm
Subject: [WWI] About website costs.

> Rick, and everyone else who's been so kind about my website.
> The website hasn't cost me anything. I get internet access from
> a telephone operator for nothing, in return all the dialling
> charges for the modem go to that operator. In the deal is 10meg
> of web-space, I realised that I'm wasting something free, so
> I decided to fill that space up. I should think the same kind of
> deal is available in the rest of the world? Most of the photos are 
> lessthan 50K, so I can put up plenty. I suppose I'll have to throw
> some stuff out eventually, the cat's used to being thrown out
> so there's a likely victim!
> /Neil C.