[WWI] New Arrival (for real this time!)

geoff-smith wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 10 17:51:00 2003

On 9 Dec 2003 at 17:26, Crawford Neil wrote:

> Great Geoff, how about walking, is that on yet?
> /Neil C.

Only with the crutches for the next 6 - 12 weeks - that's b******d up the New 
Year's party then.

EtH suggested I lie in bed modelling, reading OT books etc. Hmmm, so 
who's never tried modelling in bed then? Losing p/e in the carpet might not be 
a good thing but I'd rather do that than lose it in bed. Oooohh!!!!

Perhaps Shane the butter-fingered could try CA ing models to the left hand 
while working with the right? Very, very, very sorry to hear about the latest 

Sympathy also to SP for a similar tale of woe.

Chris Anderson? There are drawings of V-105 - V-108 class torpedo boats in 
Z-Vor, a German book, the author of which escapes me for the moment. 
When I'm a bit more mobile or mentally proficient I'll let you know. There are 
two vols dealing with a) up to 1939 and b) 1939 - 1945, the first is the one 
you want. The drawings aren't large but include cross sections and I can't 
verify accuracy but they look right and have some differences from the 
DigitalNavy card model. I borrowed the book on inter-library loan some years 
ago as it's not a cheap book. Oh, it's in German too but Babelfish got me 
nearer to understanding the gist of it.

NZ servicemen. Wasn't Don Bennett, the famous target lighting expert from 

Can't think of anything else to comment on but rest assured.......