Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 10 17:19:00 2003

Warren says

>      I "was" excited about that until I heard everyone talking about
>them announcing their Camel in the mid-90's.  It took them 5+ years to
>get that out.

Point of order m'lud.

They did NOT announce their Camel in the mid nineties. Our anticipation, 
like that of a kid waiting on Christmas, extended the apparent time.

(Weier's theory of ralativity "The more anticipated the kit, the longer 
it'll seem to take to get to you")

In fact, it was announced as "coming" in the *late* 90's *but* there was no 
actual date associated with the announcement for another year or so - then 
it was delayed (as we know) by accuracy problems. IIRC the only other fairly 
long delayed Eduard kits were the Pfalz D.III, delayed by problems with the 
original master maker, and the 1/72 Hanriot, delayed - maybe cancelled - to 
annoy the crap out of Matt.

If I were Eduard, I'd adopt the Tamiya model of kit promotion - don't tell 
anyone jack shit until the kits are already moulded.

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