[WWI] Strutter queries

Robert Baumgartner wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 9 23:33:00 2003


> I still contend that the cable-guides are in the wrong place on the
fuselage sides - unless I'm seeing things wrong.
>The best way to really see this is to tape the fuselage and turtledeck
together, then put the lower wing into place.
>Judge the guides - and the stringered detail - this way.

I took your advice and put together the Strutter fuselage halves, top deck
and bottom wing.
On my kit, the fuselage cable guides line up with the lower wing trailing
edge which agrees with pics in Datafile 80
(both French and British). This is also where the stringers end on the
French versions which shows up quite nicely
in photo 78 of the Datafile.

To help visualise the way I interpret the guide and stringer positions, have
a look at Ray Rimell's illustration of the
SOP.107 aircraft on the rear of the Datafile. This is exactly as I see it
(for better or worse!)
Interestingly Ray deviates from the Ian Stair's own plans in the book.

Your thoughs.....anybody?

Rob B