[WWI] Rob's Strutter Review on HS

Robert Baumgartner wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 8 21:52:00 2003

Matt notes,

>.... the stringers on the turtledeck should line up with the cable-guides
on the sides of the fuselage.  However, I still contend that the
cable-guides are in the wrong >place on the fuselage sides - unless I'm
seeing things wrong.

Thanks for your comments Matt, I was hoping you would help out here.

>From viewing the pics I was unsure about the correctness of the positioning
of the guides and so decided not to comment on them.
(only that they lined up with the end of the stringers).
The main problem was that I didn't have enough clear side views of  French
single seaters in the area of the wing root to make a distance comparison.
Hence my ommission to make a judgement. Presumably the FMP book has some
better pics?

>The best way to really see this is to tape the fuselage and turtledeck
together, then put the lower wing into place.  Judge the guides - and the
stringered detail - >this way.

I'll take your advice and tape this whole area together (after work in 7 hrs
time) and then do another comparison with pics to see if it makes things

What do you consider the best source for Escadrille markings (re colours
I was sparked by the comment in the Datafile (pub 2000) where Rimmell states
that "SOP 107 colors have been known for some time" and yet Roden and Toko
have the different interpretations. Roden of course copying the version in
the Datafile.

Thanks again for the input

Rob B