[WWI] Lozenge Decals

dave fleming wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 8 17:38:00 2003

Quoting Shane Weier <bristolf2b@hotmail.com>:

> Rob says:
> >The colours are matched to the fabric that Silberstrief GmbH used in the 
> >restoration of various >aircraft (this is a good thing).
> It is. And it's also interesting to point out that when the Silberstrief 
> GmbH fabric was being developed the researchers took their conclusions to Dr
> Merrill of Americal Gryphon for comment on whether they got it right.
> ....an example of museums consulting modellers instead of vice versa.

Of course you look at the stuff that came up on the Aerodrome as a result of 
Mark's promptings which produced relics with two completely different colour 
sets, yet both were upper surafce 5 colour IIRC.