[WWI] self made masks/was Eduard

Witold Kozakiewicz wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 8 13:21:00 2003

W dniu 08-12-03 15:58, Grzegorz Mazurowski napisał:
> Guys!
> One of my Polish friends (maybe even Tomasz or Witold, I don't remember)
> told me that it is very easy and cheap to get the custom made masks similar
> to Eduard's - you have to draw it in Corel or similar program, and then go
> to advertising/printing company (even some bigger xerocopying facilities may
> have that) and they will cut it for you with laser thingie from your file.
> IIRC even one of the Poles "sold" that idea to Eduard!
> G.

That's true. But not laser thigie. Only cutting ploter - I hope it's in 
English ;-). the machine used for cutting letters from vinyl foil.

Here is little "how-to" written by Tomasz. 
I know - it's in polish but pictures may be useful.
here is my very ot model
painted with masks made with Corel.
And the mask used for my ot biplane..
this sheet was cheaper that Eduard mask for cockpit...

Witold Kozakiewicz