Re [WWI] Lozenge Decals

Michael Kendix
Mon Dec 8 08:54:00 2003

I haven't tried Pegasus's lozenge decals though their A-H Crowns & Crosses 
are decent.  The problem with lozenge is that you almost always need to cut 
it to shape, so it's vital that the decal be robust, not flake, or create a 
rough, flaked edge when cut or trimmed off.

For my money, A/G are easily the best.  Recent (past 5 years) issues of 
their lozenge decals do not appear to have the registration or whatever 
other problems may have been at issue prior.  The decals are extremely 
robust but at the same time, they conform wonderfully well to just about any 
surface when I use Solvaset.  I used them to decal the interplane struts on 
an SSW D.III - something you couldn't dream of doing with Eagle Strike.  
They wrapped around, sucked down and look like they're painted on.

I don't usually have a specific colour undercoat of paint, though I suppose 
one of the lozenge colours might be best but I always coat the surface with 
Future before using the decals.

Since the cost is about the same, the only reason for not using A/G that I 
can think of is that there are payment difficulties because he doesn't take 
credit cards.


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