[WWI] More Felixstowe

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 8 06:13:01 2003

Shane Weier the bubble fingered one said....
"Dropped the Felixstowe for teh *fourth* time yesterday, this time
catching it after around 1000 heartbeats (at my suddenly enormous pulse
rate) with some repairable minor damage."

Today in Sydney the whole city stood still and gazed sky wards as this
sonic boom came from the great North State. The sound that was heard was
reported as follows... 

Mrs Smith on her lunch break was interviewed... "I was so scared. There
was this great rushing of the wind, the Harbour Bridge swayed and then I
heard it.. It was so loud even now my ears hurt. We heard

Joe Bloggs was blown off his feet. "Mate I tell you we haven't heard any
thing this loud since Johnny down in Canberra said he wasn't retiring
and we heard a giant noise form the Treasurer. That wasn't scary as this
sound. It was like all the Queenslander all at once said

Sydney is returning to it's normal self now and hopes that no more
Felixstow's will get dropped.