[WWI] RE: Fokker DVIII decals

Rick Geisler wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 8 01:47:01 2003

Charles,I do not have the Goerth kit,but I do have some extra lozenge. I 
used the kit supplied lozenge as a pattern for the AG Lozenge on my Jasta 6 
bird.The only use I could see for those decals.
Rick Geisler

>  Ernest T. and Rick G.
>   Thanks for the quick responses.This will be my first attempt at a 
>lozonge covered aircraft and was planning on using the kit lozonge but if I 
>can't get them I will get Americals if no other are available.I am a little 
>reluctant about Americal on such large parts of the airframee even though 
>most folk like them and the by far offer the most extensive line they just 
>don't seem to be compatable with me and my decal application procedures .
>  The kit I have is Georth's and it has a small sheet with the a/c serial 
>#,yellow 3,and some horizontail tail stripes. So I will need national 
>markings and lozonge.
>  Speaking of the kit,it has a bust in it.Any of you guys like bust? I have 
>no use for it and don't want to just throw it out so it is free.
>  Thanks again gents,
>                               CWatson (AKA Mrmustangbaron on Ebay) Who is 
>wondering if there is a man who can turn down a bust :-)
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