[WWI] Nitrogen the best propeeeant gas?

Razonjim wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 22:55:00 2003

Several years ago, Bill Johnson published an article in the IPMS Seattle
Newsletter on building a CO2 tank set up with a tank gage, a line gage
and a pressure regulator along with fittings for standard airbrushes.
Many of us in the Seattle area have switched to CO2 and quite like it.
It is silent, it is dry, it is pulse free and the pressure is easily -
and infinitely - adjustable from zero to ~800 psig.  I have been using
my CO2 outfit for six years and can't imagine going back to a
compressor.  As CO2 is heavier than air, ventilation for it is much less
of a problem.  My only concern for ventilation is the fumes from the
Floquil and auto lacquers and hot thinners that I use.

If anyone is interested drop me a line off-list and I'll mail you a copy
of Bill's article on buiding a CO2 outfit. In this area the final cost
is ~$200.

Jim Schubert