[WWI] world war 1 Green

Knut Erik Hagen wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 17:27:20 2003


I don`t think I have got more info to help with, my files hold few other WW1
motorcycle images, mainly Harley Davidsons and NSUs of the right vintage.

Museums to get in touch with could be Brooklands or the Museum of Army Transport

If the British armed forces had motorcycles finished in a specific colour or
just accepted the standard finish of the factory is unknown to me.

Knut Erik

>If it helps there are pics of the right vintage on the main site at :
>Are you out there Knut?
>Hendon also have (had?) a WWI motorcycle combination displayed in the
upstairs gallery alongside the Crossley Tender (which I note the museum web
site calls a model T) but I don't recall the make.
>Peter L
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