[WWI] Anyone here the e-bay user "kerlyn2001"???

wwi@wwi-models.org wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 15:15:00 2003

We had this discusion about a year ago, whilst some one the list maintain a gentlemens 
agreement to not bid against other listmembers. It is only a gentlemens agreement (which by 
the way doesnt break ebays policy). Anyway I'm SopwithDolphin on ebay. I don't buy that 
often anymore. I got fed up with getting the occasional deal only to find the seller was out to 
make what they thought they should have got by jacking up the mail costs. 

Oh I never bid till the last hour or so. In fact if I can help it I don't bid till the last minute. Then I 
set the maximum I want to pay and walk away from the computer till bidding is done. That 
way I don't feel hard done by if I loose. 


On 7 Dec 2003 at 11:58, NodalPoint@aol.com wrote:

> Sorry to say it, but I guess I always wait till the last few seconds to place my bids.
> I determine what the most I will spend for an item is (be sure to check out shipping fees) and then 
> put that amount in. If I get outbid, I get outbid. Simple.
> I really don't see this as sneaky or underhanded, it's the way it works. Why 'tip your hand' with 
> days to go? It makes sense to wait.
> Don't worry, I never bid on any model kits on eBay. I hear about too many rip-offs with these kind 
> of items. Mostly, I bid on stuff like chinathat my Mom calls and tells me she wants.
> But, I am now into selling on eBay and believe me, you want to have people bidding often and high.
> Steve