[WWI] Anyone here the e-bay user "kerlyn2001"??? The good side...

ibs4421 wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 14:14:00 2003

    In over 200+ eBay transactions I have only been ripped off once, and
not over a kit.  Maybe I've been lucky.  The Fokker F.I I just completed
was bought off of eBay for $8.00 US.  No one else had even bid on it.
Aside from that, I have rarely gotten a great deal, which is one reason
I don't go there much anymore.  If I am patient, Squadron or somebody
will put what I want on sale, like the Gotha's I got for $12.00 a piece
a while back.
   Kerry, you said you are new to the list, so I'll tell ya this:  If
you put out a request for a kit, unless it is really rare, chances are
some list member has it, and will let you have it for a reasonable price
or less.  This has been my experience.  I have tried to repay the
generosity shown to me by trying to "give away" a couple of kits I know
folks were desperately looking for that I had in my stash.  In the end,
they insisted on either paying or trading.  Tradin's fun!  That's why I
sometimes buy more than one of something, like the Meikraft Caproni
Ca.3, so I can have "tradin' material" for the time I am looking for
something and am short of cash.