[WWI] Painting black in 72nd scale....

Michael Kavanaugh wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 12:25:06 2003

I'm not sure about only "from above" unless all fading, etc. is only from 
overhead sun and rain. I suspect
other areas are also affected.  If not overdone, it might reduce the 
intensity of the black and
provide a base for area fading and weathering.  It would also keep the 
insignia black the same as the
fuselage, assuming they were the same black to begin with (recently 
discussed).  IIRC, this technique was
discussed on the list a while back about toning down too bright lozenge, 
or lozenge colors that were not
quite right.

Mike Kavanaugh

On Sun, 7 Dec 2003 10:48:24 -0600, ibs4421 <ibs4421@onlineky.com> wrote:

> Listers,
>         As I mentioned earlier, I am thinking of doing one of Josef
> Jacobs' Dr.I's as a future project.  I was considering painting the
> entire a/c black, and then doing an overspray from above with a very,
> very dilute gray mixture to show fading, weathering, etc.
>    What do ya'll think?  Ya'll think that might work, or give a decent
> effect?
> Warren