[WWI] Anyone here the e-bay user "kerlyn2001"??? The good side...

Kerry Lynn wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 12:09:06 2003

Hi Ross,

I am sorry you lost, but happy I won.  I did not realize at the time
I was bidding against a listee, but I'm not completely sure how that
factors into the equation.  Is there a "gentlemen's agreement" here
that I am unaware of?  If so, best to keep replies offline since I'm
pretty sure that runs counter to eBay's User Agreement.

If it's because I won by $0.15 instead of $0.50, well that's just
luck.  I lose more auctions than I win.  In the case of these models,
I've been trying to find them for some time and the going rate seems
to be around $15.  Perhaps I can be accused of not having the foresite
to buy them ten years ago.

If it's about "sniping", well I find that works best for me in most
cases.  I determine what I'm willing to pay for an item (I mean
*really* willing to pay) then I put in that bid with so little time
left that I don't find myself re-thinking my position.  That may make
me a dirty SOB but, as I said, I lose more than I win.

I am glad you were able to find the kits from other list members.  I
can well imagine that someone's interest may have migrated over the
years from Sopwiths to SPADs or vice versa.  One great use of this
list may be to match one person's desire with another's ability to
satisfy it.

In fact, I'll try it; I am looking for Datafile #1.  Since I am
returning to the hobby after many years I don't have much to offer
in trade but I do have a modest "toy budget."

Regards, -K-

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse wrote:

> I have been offered these kits from list members today. I should of
> asked the list in the first place. :-) So thanks guys that have sent me
> email off list. 
> Cheers 
> Ross
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>>If you are thanks for beating me on the Eduard 1/72 Sopwith Baby &
>>Eduard 1/72 Sopwith Schneider. You beat me by 15 cents.... :-(
> That's the perils of Ebay!
>>We need a listing of our E-bay user names on the list site so we know
>>who each other is. 
> I still have the original list that I inherited from Dave Z, I can
> update and 
> repost if people send me their ebay names off-list.
> Dave