[WWI] Press'n Seal

Alec E. Adamyk wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 11:16:00 2003

For your information. Glad has a new plastic sealer out called Press'n Seal
that could be useful as a masking medium. The container has over 75 square
feet of material for about $3.00. It presses down and hold tight and pulls
up easily, similar to Parafilm. I haven't tried it yet but will on my next
plastic airplane project. I am currently building Fuji 3 airplane kit which
I had in my stash for over 30 years. 1/72 scale Voisin Farman 1908,
Antoinette 1908 and a De Havilland No.1 1910.. These are set up in plastic
with ribs only which has to be covered with tissue paper. The Voisin Farman
is almost completed and it sure is a fun project, but doesn't lead itself to
any masking because of the tissue paper,  it is only one color anyway.


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