[WWI] Nitrogen - the best propellant gas?

Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 07:28:00 2003

'ming says:

>One tip I was given is that CO2 may be a better choice as it is more 
>available as it is used widely in the food and brewing industries, and that
>regulators may be cheaper.
>Same ventillation senario as Nitrogen occurs, and same situation dealing 
>compressed gas in a bottle.

IMO, it's important to secure the bottle but whilst it makes sense to ensure 
decent ventilation to remove paint fumes don't worry about the CO2 
concentration at all.....

We use Inergen inert gas fire suppression systems in our computer rooms 
which include a cylinder of CO2    It *isn't* there to put the fire out - 
the other gas, whatever the hell it is, does that, but to cause anyone still 
in the room after the gas vents to breathe faster and deeper, thereby 
getting more of whatever available oxygen remains AND it helps the body use 

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