[WWI] Nitrogen - the best propellant gas?

dave fleming wwi@wwi-models.org
Sun Dec 7 05:54:00 2003

Quoting Shane Weier <bristolf2b@hotmail.com>:

> Ray says:
> > > Sounds like a laugh a minute!  (Boom! Boom! - "Basil Brush").
> >Hey be nice I'm still in mourning over Basil Brush. ;)
> >
> LOL - after years of telling my kids about B.Brush they've finally started 
> repeats down here.  And the kids don't like him.....
Just after a certain phone call, we got a Rolf Harris 50 years in show buisness 
special - mini-ming was up for some hot orange as she has a cold and couldn't 
get to sleep - she liked Rolf!