[WWI] 86 years to the day since the Halifax Explosion

David C. Fletcher wwi@wwi-models.org
Sat Dec 6 21:10:00 2003

rayboorman@shaw.ca wrote:

> Today being December 6th is the 86th anniversary of the largest non nuclear explosion when 
> a French munitions ship blew up in Halifax harbour in 1917...

I met a chap named Murphy who ran a scrapyard (and had a H*ds*n aircraft 
fuselage as a storage shed and the master crank from an P&W R-1830 
hanging on the garage door).  But "OT", he had lost an eye in the 
Halifax explosion.  Alas, he's gone now.

For those who know Halifax, the anchor of the French ship landed by the 
Dingle - having been launched into the air near what is now the 
Dartmouth side of the MacKay Bridge.  That's right over the city.

Dave Fletcher