[WWI] Time for a little game

Mark Shannon wwi@wwi-models.org
Sat Dec 6 17:40:01 2003

Ok, the Eduard ProfiPack Sopwith F1 Camel has been out for a bit.  It
includes markings for two of the repaints of William Barker's B6313.

Now, let's play the game of "Who Do YOU Believe"

Eduard has the nose aluminum portions bare metal in the final
configuration.  (Unfortunately, they do not provide the perforated cowling,
only four decals.)  Behind those portions, they have the wood portions
painted black, as they had been in the previous scheme, and the fin painted
black under the pierced Valentine heart marking.

Osprey, in the "Camel Aces of WWI" agrees on the aluminum cowling, but the
wood areas are natural wood, fin is black.

Eagle Strike Decals have the aluminum and natural wood, but comment that
the fin was reported as "Italian Flag Green"

Revell (just to add to the fun) always had the aluminum nose, but
everything else topside was PC-10.  They also had the stripes of the tail
as just white stripes on PC-10, while the more recent ones have black and
white stripes.

This is what I love about WWI aircraft, there is no one who can say
definitively.  All I have for photos showing the whole plane are from the
previous markings, and certainly the entire nose back to the cockpit and
the top of the fuselage around it are a uniform shade darker than the
fabric areas of the fuselage.  The fin appears darker, as well, but I
couldn't say for sure it is as dark as the nose.  Same for the wheels, they
are darker than the rear fuselage but seem lighter than the nose, but they
are also matt appearing.

Now, who wants to say just who they believe has it right?  No prizes
awarded, but this should be a new and less run down topic than the Voss
cowling color and MvR "*^*@$#&(*&$# red"

Anyone, just for the fun of it?