[WWI] Re: WW1 DH4 shot down

Michael Kavanaugh wwi@wwi-models.org
Sat Dec 6 13:04:00 2003


CCI is Cross & Cockade International, is an England-base group 
self-described as The First World War
Aviation Historical Society.  They publish four very worthwhile journals a 
year.  Their website is:
http://www.crossandcockade.com   Membership is open to anyone.  Several 
wwi models listees in several countries

A similar US-based group, The League of World War I Aviation Historians, 
also issues a journal titled, "Over
The Front (OTF)four times a year and, again, several wwi models listees in 
several countries belong.
Their website is:  www.overthefront.com.

Issues of both publications have been graced with the artwork of several 
of our wwi models listees.

I have the RFC communiques but don't remember where I got them.  IIRC, it 
was from a bookseller in England that
specializes in military books.  Perhaps, another listee can help.

Another source of some good wwi info is Camden.  They have a lot of neat 
technical books that take a pragmatic
approach to engineering and building miniature engines, trains, 
blacksmithing, and a lot more.  I mention them
only because they were my source of vols. 1 & 2 of the Air Board Technical 
Notes (pre-1918) for use by RFC maintenance types in
the field.  They also offer books on rotary engines, Clerget Patent Aero 
Engines and some interesting ot stuff.
Their email address is:  orders@camdenmin.demon.co.uk.  Snail mail is:  
Camden Miniature Steam Services, Barrow
Farm, Rode, Frome, Somerset BA11 6PS.

Mike Kavanaugh

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 11:43:16 -0500, Alec E. Adamyk <aadamyk@hvc.rr.com> 

> Hi,
> What is A CCI and where do I find it. The same for the RFC communiqués.