[WWI] Eduard SPAD

Rick Geisler wwi@wwi-models.org
Sat Dec 6 01:03:00 2003

I have to agree! I can remember when Eduard 1/48th kits first appeared,with 
low pressure molds. They were full of flash and basically a venue for their 
excellent Photo Etched details. The Retail price was 25.00 US dollars ,plus 
more for some of the  some of the 2 seaters. Look at the latest molds and 
their quality! I have seen Squadron advertise the DII and III for as low as 
$14.99 on sale.
Excellent quality for a fair price!
Rick Geisler

>Being newly returned to plastic kit modeling after a hiatus of 4 decades or 
>so, I too was surprised by the cost of some kits. However, after building 
>one Eduard OT kit, starting an Eduard Albatros D II in the manly-scale, 
>wrestling with a Revell and a Monogram kits that cost considerably less 
>than the Eduard I have:
>    been forced to the conclusion that $20 - $30 US is not too much to pay 
>for a quality kit,
>    realized that a quality kit now-days is FAR beyond the quality of kits 
>I was used to in my youth,
>    sworn off scraping flash, filling, filing, smashing, tweaking and 
>cursing to get the b*&%y parts to fit - or even look like parts in some 
>    learned to expect accurate and well-executed detail and engineering in 
>a kit,
>    sworn to buy only quality kits - this is supposed to be fun, after 
>    realized that I can buy one of the more expensive Tamiya kits for less 
>than I spend taking myself and my two kids to the movies (although I 
>already have tickets for the first showing of The Return of the King)
>On my list are Tamiya, Eduard, Hasegawa and Roden. I'm certain others will 
>have their favorites.
>Times have changed. For the better.

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