[WWI] Elsewhere today

Steven Perry wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 20:22:12 2003

> Ouch...that Felixstowe word. After rigging it with invisable thread I made
> the fatal mistake of letting the *super glue* harden for too long as I
> it for the filler in the exit holes. Darn stuff is now that much harder
> the surrouding plastic that I'm too scared to start sanding it. At least
> has strengthened the wing cellule.


If you are drilling all the way through and trimming on the opposite side,
then you can use a new #11 blade to carefully slice the protruding blob. You
can make 2=3 slices shaving it down little by little. With a bit of care you
can shave it right down to where a kiss with the sand paper snoothes it out
without the difference in hardnesses causing any trouble. It is surprising
how easily a blob of hard CA can be shaved away without the damage usually
associated with even careful sanding alone.