[WWI] Nitrogen - the best propellant gas?

Mark Shannon wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 18:58:01 2003

As long as you are not using it in a closed space or without adequate
ventilation.  Remember, any gas other than oxygen or compressed air can
reduce the oxygen level in a room leading to big trouble.  Oxygen is to
dangerous to use like that (pure oxygen has a tendency to make things
spontaneously combust).  You need to have good circulation in the room.  In
addition, you must remember to have the compressed gas cylinder chained or
clamped securely.  They are too tall and narrow to be left to balance
themselves and can be violent rockets if the neck gets cracked. 


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> From: Carlos Carreira <carlos.carreira@netcabo.pt>
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> Date: 12/5/03 3:50:47 PM
> Subject: [WWI] Nitrogen - the best propellant gas?
> Hi all,
> Is nitrogen a safe propellant gas for airbrushing? Any special ventilation
> care to take? Are there any better alternatives?
> I'm asking this because I have the opportunity to have loaned sine die an
> industrial bottle. I remember this was referred sometime ago in the list,
> but I couldn't find the thread.
> TIA,
> Carlos