[WWI] J1 masking

Ben Lankford wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 12:35:00 2003

The sticky part of the post-it pads is good as masking but the tack is very
low. However, they recently came out with a super sticky version. Still low
tack but more tack than the original version. Either should not lift

Ben Lankford
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> hi guys,
> i've been through the "tape pulling up acrylic thing",
> very frustrating (to put it mildly). to avoid this you
> can let the acrylic cure and put a coat of Future down
> between paint colors. it seals the acrylic.
> as for our tape discussion, drafting tape, available
> at art supply stores, is fairly low tack. as an art
> instructor who shares his classroom with many others,
> i can usually find a roll laying around, if not
> claimed in a week or so...it's mine!
> HTH,
> tracy
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