[WWI] Captured Spad - missing

Rick Geisler wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 12:28:00 2003

Neil, it is on page 12,picture 15,in the Richthofen Flying Circus Fabric 
Special. The SPAD is in the BACKGROUND! Not real clear but good enough to 
get an idea. IHTH,
Rick Geisler

>It was Rick G who said it was in the "fabric special" , I thought that was
>the same as the Richthofen Flying Circus book. Rick doesn't have a 
>But if someone who does have, could find that picture.......
>It's the one with "Gute Leute" all over, very tasteless;-)
>BTW I found another cool marking with the same running cock on it,
>(the first one to comment on the above sentence is disqualified!)
>it's a French CDL Spad 7 with roundels on the tail surfaces, rather neat 
>It's in the Squadron/Signal book.
>/Neil C.

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