[WWI] blue tape

Michael Kendix wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 12:09:01 2003


I used Tamiya to mask off the light blue on the bottom of the fuselage.  Had 
I known and owned the 40mm Tamiya tape, I might have used that. With 
acrylics, as you imply, Parafilm is a godsend.

By the way, there is a huge difference between the robustness of the Model 
master "Medium Green" and Humbrol "Light blue" that I sprayed.  The MM marks 
very easily even though it's enamel, while the Humbrol was totally clean.


>From: "Crawford Neil" <Neil.Crawford@volvo.com>
> >I agree - Parafilm is excellent stuff - I use it to mask and to wrap up
> >stuff easily that I don't want sprayed.
>Funny, I think it's a waste of money! I've only used it very occasionally,
>and always use Tamiya tape instead. It's possible our different experiences
>are to do with the kind of paint we use. I use Humbrol with plenty of
>cellulose thinner, so I suppose paint-pulling isn't much of a problem.
>From what I've heard, it is more so with acrylics.
>/Neil C.

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