[WWI] Elsewhere today

Robert Baumgartner wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 09:02:00 2003

Shane jokes

> Hey Rob, d'you reckon on having it finished before or after your

Ouch...that Felixstowe word. After rigging it with invisable thread I made
the fatal mistake of letting the *super glue* harden for too long as I used
it for the filler in the exit holes. Darn stuff is now that much harder than
the surrouding plastic that I'm too scared to start sanding it. At least it
has strengthened the wing cellule.

Funny you should ask though as I've committed myself to building the Gotha
G.Va/b for H/S (using Americal/Gryphon Lozenge)
and it can only be started after the *boat* is done. Really, really looking
forward to the Gotha though!

Rob B