[WWI] Captured Spad - missing

Crawford Neil wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 07:47:01 2003

It was Rick G who said it was in the "fabric special" , I thought that was
the same as the Richthofen Flying Circus book. Rick doesn't have a sc...ner.
But if someone who does have, could find that picture.......
It's the one with "Gute Leute" all over, very tasteless;-)
BTW I found another cool marking with the same running cock on it,
(the first one to comment on the above sentence is disqualified!) 
it's a French CDL Spad 7 with roundels on the tail surfaces, rather neat too.
It's in the Squadron/Signal book.
/Neil C. 

>Hey Neil!
>I searched in the "Richtofen Flying Circus" book and there was no pictures
>of the captured Spad VII used by Udet, but there were a few pictures of the
>German planes of Udet anyway (tripes, d.VIIs, Siemens).
>I recall seeing that SOMEWHERE but can't say where exactly. Not in the Spad
>VIII datafile neither. Any clues?