[WWI] Eduard SPAD

Jan Vihonen wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 06:47:00 2003


> Thanks, Lance.  I didn't know that.  I wonder if there are masks
> "small enough" for 1/72nd French roundels?
How about trying one of those Eduard photo-etched Circular scribing 
templates as a stencil when spraying those tiny roundels on a blank 
decal sheet?

I've been using them on a couple of occasions and they work well, if you 
just don't thin the paint too much or use too high pressure, so that the 
paint doesn't seep under.

You get circular templates from less than a millimeter up to around one 
centimeter in a fraction of millimeter (0.5, IIRC) intervals. Obviously 
you should mask off the ones you're not using.

These templates can also be used as cutting templates, but care should 
be exercised here, as they are made of nickel coated brass, which is all 
too easily cut with sharp knife.

The old Tri-Tool Scribing templates were excellent for this as they were 
made of stainless steel. I wish they were still available.