[WWI] Eduard SPAD

Crawford Neil wwi@wwi-models.org
Fri Dec 5 03:23:01 2003

>$20.00 for a 1/72nd Spad XIII?  Am I the only one that thinks this is 

No, I think it will be worth every penny of it, and would gladly pay
twice that much for a good Spad 13. Looking at the parts we've seen
so far, there must be a lot of hard work involved preparing them, 
I'm sure the people at Eduard want to get their investment back, Revell
did that 40 years ago, all Revell need to budget is packaging and 
promotion (plus a fraction for production). This is going to be a super
high  quality kit, and for that I will very happily pay a premium price,
if the goods are as good as they seem to be.
/Neil C.