[WWI] Osterkamp and Brockhoff DVII

Mike Muth wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 22:47:06 2003

    Lets see, according to the Datafile Sachsenberg's D-VII is covered in
yellow and black diamonds. There are dark markings on the top of the wing
over the middle section. The tail elevators have a single black band. The
nose is yellow with a diagonal  black band separating the nose from the
fuselage. There is a great photo. If you need it, let me know.
    As for Brockhoff, no photo, but a notation that he flew D-VII 4261/18
and 2962/18, marked with lengthwise black-yellow stripes on the fuselage,
yellow nose, tail and wheel covers. The tail elevators would have 3 black
bands as opposed to Sachsenberg's one.
Mike Muth
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> Hi the gang,i need some information about the aircraft marking of this 2
> marine feldjasta leader, for Sachenberg i have a Fok DVII profile but for
> the DVII of the 2 other nothing (i know the Osterkamp's DVIII/Ev,maybe his
> DVII have the same marking? ),TIA regard Frederic