[WWI] FW:WW1 DH4 shot down

Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 22:46:00 2003

Hi all

>I've had a question from off list about a particular DH-4 ......
>>It was a DH4 shot down on 13/3/18 over Freiburg Bremgarten (Germany) after
>>departing Mulhouse (France).

Thanks to Bob, 'ming and DZ for the assistance - I've now answered the 
original question pretty well.

He has a supplementary question though - if we assume the 55 Sqn Independant 
Force raid to be the right one - and the concurrence of location is pretty 
good - is there any way to find out how many other aircraft were involved in 
the raid?

I've determined from elsewhere that the victors listed in Bob's email were 
Jasta 41, though that wasn't actually asked of me :-)



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