[WWI] SPAD colors ...

Knut Erik Hagen wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 19:00:00 2003


I think the only major European mining operation for FeTiO3 is Kronos Titan
operating on ilmenitt ore in Jossingfjorden (SW part of Norway).
They claim to be the first to produce quantities of TiO2 white pigments from
ilmenitt in Europe, starting in 1916.
As Norway was neutral during WW1, the product would have been available to
either side - but late in the war British pressure blocked part of the
Norwegian trade with Germany on strategic materials.

>From the lists Norwegian geophysicist who returned from Mexico yesterday.

 Knut Erik

>>They would have had some TiO2 pigments - there were (are?) large mines of
>>Rutile in the Scandinavian peninsula - natural TiO2.  
>Hey, I've been there, the Falu copper mine, all the little red houses 
>in Sweden are painted with paint from that mine. I've never associated 
>it with any other colour than red though. If I'd known when I was there
>as a tourist, that I was trampling the ground that Spad paint (might have)
>come from!
>/Neil C.