[WWI] Spin 1/48 SVA 5

Lance Krieg wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 12:05:00 2003

Diego asks:

"That is, in a sort of big "WW"?"


"Where the bolts will be? At the end of the Ws or in the cabane struts?
How are you going to hide the bolts? Where you can get a wrenc so tiny
to adjust a .5 mm nut?"

The bolts would pass through holes in the struts at the ends of the
"W", which are in turn sandwiched between the strut mounting plates. 
They are perfectly visible on the real plane, and these would be
identical.  It is a very practical, even routine, solution.  The nuts
can be snugged up with fine tweezers.

The problem is actually the cabane struts, which are inverted "V"s, and
don't lend themselves to this approach.  And the undercarriage, always a
week point in transporting a model...