[WWI] Spin 1/48 SVA 5

Lance Krieg wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 10:57:01 2003

Diego, the problem was solved by soldering up the trusses themselves. 
This reduced the number of struts between the wings from 12 to 4.

I am convinced, in studying the problem, that the source of the
difficulties lies in the fact that the struts are not vertical, which
makes them harder to coax into place.  I have not built one, but would
bet that a star-strutter offers many of the same challenges.

For this model, I am considering using those .5mm nuts and bolts I
bought at Nordicon, and actually bolting the trusses to the mounting
hardware on the wings.  Using this system, I could unbolt the wings to
carry the model to -- say, Telford -- much easier than I could transport
an assembled plane.

We'll see....