[WWI] Cowlings of Bentley-Engined Camels

Kerry Lynn wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 10:10:01 2003

The Davis book has a drawing and several photographs.


Thomas Solinski wrote:

> David, I asked a very similar question just after the kit came out, and 
> as an engineer I find it hard to believe that there are virtually no 
> drawings of the Bently cowling.  I have a set of camel rigging drawings 
> and they only show the Clerget version. 
> Some one pointed me to the 2F1 naval camel hanging in a muse in the web 
> page ref pictures and it clearly shows the added fairing between the 
> guns and the front curve of the cowling.  Other than those pictures I 
> haven't found much clear data either
> Tom
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>     In one of the reviews of the new Eduard kit it was stated that
>     the engine cowling of the F.1 Camel with the Bentley engine was
>     different than that of the Clerget-powered aircraft. I have scoured
>     the Datafile and "King of Combat" but can find no conclusive proof
>     that there were differences. Can anyone help?