[WWI] Meikraft stuff arrived?????

dave fleming wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 08:30:00 2003

Quoting dfernet0 <dfernet0@rosario.gov.ar>:

> RE: [WWI] Meikraft stuff arrived?????About the Link trainer kit
> recipients....
> I used briefly a Link Trainer, WW2 vintage, during my civilian "brevet
> d'aviation" classes. It was in my local flying club and working more or less
> accurately. In fact, there were two of these machines, one dissasembled and
> stored in the hanger. If anyone wants, I can go drive to the aeroclub and
> take a few shots of the contraption. The cockpit was awfully hot and
> uncomfortable!

I really want to do one of the RAF's 'armed' links - either the fighter trainer 
or the Torpedo trainer.