[WWI] OT at last

Crawford Neil wwi@wwi-models.org
Thu Dec 4 08:21:00 2003

>Conga-rats, you elk-taunter!

I haven't taunted an Elk for ten years, that was when we were building 
and one of them took to hanging around. I've never laughed as much,
when one of the guys (from one of the skagerak islands) was having a
pee in the stream, and this dirty great moose suddenly loomed up out
of the water with his antlers covered in water-weeds! He'd never
seen an elk before......

> The Cub is going to be silver too, so I can spray that at the same time
> The Spad can also be sprayed at the same time as I spray the others,

>What? Silver?

No silly, CDL of course, but if I'm slopping around with paint and airbrushes
I want to get some value for money.

And talking of CDL Spads, does anyone have the Von Richthofen and his flying
circus Datafile special (or is it called a fabric special), there is a 
photo of a captured Spad with "Gute Leute" on, that I desperately need a look
at, can anyone help?
/Neil C.