[WWI] Re: New Orleans

buz pezold wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 3 21:43:00 2003


     It's just a Roast Beef  PO-BOY wit' mahnaze and pickle that I picked up
at a samich shop in Metry!

Who Dat?

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> >From: "buz pezold" <pezo8481@bellsouth.net>
> >Yeah!  You right, Cher!  And by the way.  Pass the mahnnaze for my PO-BOY
> >and trow the knife in the zink!
> Is dat an erster po-boy dawlin? If ya got any left overs, wrap it up in
> ferl so I can eat it when I get back from visiting Rosalie down in da
> wawd. Or should I just go pick up somthing from Rocky's while I'm out dat
> way?
> E.
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