[WWI] Modelling strut end caps

Mark Shannon wwi@wwi-models.org
Wed Dec 3 19:26:00 2003

I cut a notch in the strut along where the edge of the cap would be, just
deep enough to 'seat' the nylon.  I then tied the eyelet into the middle of
a length of the thread, wrapped the loose ends into the notch and back
around to the 'eyelet' position, and tied it off.  I then dabbed a bead of
thin cyanoacrylate on the thread at the knot and let capillary action take
it along the notch.  It doesn't take that long to do as it does to
describe, the notch is not much more than a single pass of the x-acto,
lightly, with the blade slanted each way to make a shallow "V".  The
masking was right along the thread, which also acted to prevent the paint
from seeping under the tape (the mask was more for a guide as to how far to
dip). I really only did the thread trick for the cross wires between the
fore and aft interplane struts.

For the other, doubled wires, I used a trick a former member of the group
taught (Hiro), and made a wire loop around a pin drill bit.  You twist the
ends of the wire to form a shank for your new eyebolt, and glue it into a
pre-drilled hole so that only about half the loop is showing above the
surface.  Put one in the wing at the attachment point and one in the
fuselage.  Then rig with nylon, looping the double wires through the eye
and back.  You get two perfectly parallel wires spaced closely together,
depending on what gauge wire you used.  You can get fancier by tying a
couple of double looped wire pieces to thread that passes through the
eyebolt and make pretty fair turnbuckles.  It all depends on your level of

I hope I've described it clearly enough, I couldn't even begin to try to
figure out the ASCII art to depict it.


> Mark!
> >I have used paint after incorporating a figure eight loop of
> >"invisible
> >sewing nylon thread" into the strut end to form the eye for rigging.
> --------- Can you please elaborate on this?  One loop of the eight is 
> for the rigging.  The other loop around the strut?  or through a hole 
> in the strut?  Do you make one figure-8 for each rigging wire?
> thanks
> Sanjeev