[WWI] Re: New Orleans

ernest thomas wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 23:57:00 2003

>I see that N'awlins has it's own dialect which substitutes "y" with "u"

And I see that I'm going to have to explain this, yet again. The only people 
who say N'awlins, are the A-hole who does the fish and game report on the 
local news, and a bunch of other a-hole TV people who try to imitate him 
because they think we really do say that. Well, we don't. And when I'm king 
of America, I'm going to write a law prohibiting from tv appearences any 
person who can't even properly pronounce the name of the town they live in. 
I say "New Orlins", as do lots of people here. Some people do say "Noo 
Orlins", and the really stupid drunk people say "Noo Awlins."
But that's it.
However, we do have our own, distinctive style of talking. For example;

"Howz ya mama n nem?"   Translation: How is your family?

"Whea y'at", which is the gutteral of "Where are you at? which actually 
means:"How's it going?" I've never understood this one because it's 
something you would only say to someone you're actually looking at. So why 
would you ask a person you can see, "Where are you?" I NEVER use this 

"Makin groceries."  Translation: Going to the grocery store. But not just 
any grocery store. You make groceries at Schwegmann's (pron; SchwAgmans).

For those who've read Confederacy of Dunces, you may remember when Ignatius 
was standing under the clock in front of the D.H. Holmes department store on 
Canal St.. That was a very common place to meet someone until D.H. Holmes 
went out of business. However, it's pronounced "Holmses"
And Woolworth's is pronounced "Woolsworth." The Krauss department store is 
So if you want to 'blend in' in New Orleans, learn these phrases. Especially 
"Howz ya mama n nem?" But NEVER say N'awlins.

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