[WWI] Re: New Orleans

Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 23:00:01 2003

Michael says:

>in the first week of November 1989 - it rained 10 inches the day we arrived 
>& half the city was under water.

Sounds more and more like Brisbane, even unto the day. About then we had an 
Ashes Test washed out at the Gabba when one of our daily thunderstorms 
storms dumped 4" on the pitch between 3:30 and stumps. Blowers and Aggers 
were beside themselves with excitement (Non UK listees may require 

>Well, that can happen anytime here, though it usuallu occurs in the spring.

I see that N'awlins has it's own dialect which substitutes "y" with "u"

Shane the uneretical


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