[WWI] 1/12 Scale Fokker E-III

wwi@wwi-models.org wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 15:41:00 2003

Warren says

> (notice I didin't say if) I crash one of those a.c I'll be out some cash not to mention the time.    As it is now, I have neither the cash, nor the room to deal with R/C, but I will one day.

Good and bad attiude.  Someday good, CRASH bad.

Warren I've been flying R/C since 1968 and teaching folks to fly every summer since 1996. I can honestly say that today you can almost learn to fly without ever having experianced a crash.  The quality and reliablity of radio equipment has gone way up with prices continually decreasing.  Four years ago I'd've told you that a complete airplane will cost $600.00 that's now down to $350.00 and it's ready to fly in less than a day.  For that price you can even buy complete electric kits that can be flown in a tennis court or as you see on Allans page in a gymnasium.

So don't fear the crash enjoy the fun!