[WWI] Tis the season!

Michael Kavanaugh wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 15:06:00 2003

I didn't expect acknowledgements on the list.  I sent a card to every 
listee for whom I had an address and
my address collecting probably missed some that were published on the list 
as I have not been following the
correspondence very closely.  Please don't feel slighted if I didn't send 
you a card.  It wasn't intentional.
I sent them early because if I start procrastinating they would never get 

Happy Holidays,
Mike Kavanaugh

On Tue, 02 Dec 2003 12:19:07 -0600, ernest thomas <reason108@hotmail.com> 

>> From: Allan Wright <aew@unh.edu>
>> I've received my first Christmas card of the year, and is wasn't
>> from my insurance company, bank, etc. It was from a WWI lister,
>> Mike Kavanaugh! Thanks for brightening up my day Mike!
> Me Too! Thanks Mike.
> And like Pedrodactyl, I too really need to start sending these things 
> out to people. Never really did it before, but it feels so good getting 
> one, I may just have to aquire the habbit.
> E.
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